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EPOS revealed a new design and look to their H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset this week as they have it out in two new colors. The two new looks that they have going are in Ghost White and Racing Green, the latter seen down below. The headset itself is a slight improvement on the model as they have made an effort to improve wireless gaming audio through this model’s low latency wireless dongle connection. If you haven’t checked out the design yet, this one has built-in Active Noise Cancellation to do everything it can to remove background noise, while also incorporating the passive noise cancellation from their H3 Series to try and provide an optimal gaming experience. You can read up a little bit more on the H3PRO Hybrid below as the two new colors are available right now through their shop and select retailers for $280.

A look at the new Racing Green design for the H3PRO Hybrid, courtesy of EPOS.
A look at the new Racing Green design for the H3PRO Hybrid, courtesy of EPOS.

The H3PRO Hybrid offers high quality audio for PC and console gamers alike. They can plug right into the action with a low latency dongle or a USB cable compatible with PC, PS5, and PS4. The headset also connects to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac with a 3.5 mm cable. The wide variety of connectivity options lets gamers experience the freedom of wireless connections without hassle or delays. The H3PRO Hybrid is intuitively designed for style, duration, and immersion. Its sleek design commands attention while avoiding bulk. The stainless-steel slider in the headband, adjustable ear cups, replaceable ear pads and up to 30-hour battery life means that this headset will be comfortable for gaming sessions of any length and can be tailored to fit on anyone. The H3PRO Hybrid’s design also allows for complete concentration with ergonomic ear cups to seal off players’ ears from outside noise.

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