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The Walker Edison L-Shaped, one of the best gaming desks, is currently selling for only $78.99 (was $240) – that’s a massive saving of $161 off the MSRP. 

While this isn’t quite the historic lowest-ever rate that we’ve come across on the Walker Edison L-shaped, having retailed for $62.77 back in 2017, this is the cheapest price in over five years on the coveted corner model. 

This particular gaming desk has endured a turbulent pricing history, generally hovering between the $160 – $180 mark throughout February and March. It was only with the recent price drop down from a $145 position that the Walker Edison L-shaped dipped below $100 for the first time since mid-2019. 

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Today’s best gaming desk deal

What sets the Walker Edison L-shaped desk apart from its similarly priced contemporaries is all in the construction. This model is designed with a steel frame and a glass top, as opposed to wood, which makes for a far more premium finish than what we typically see in the $80 range.

Corner desks are ideal for anyone looking to make the most out of limited space, especially when it comes to maximizing room that more traditional desk layouts cannot typically allow for. It also means that you have more tabletop space than what is typically available due to the length being distributed across two angles. 

More of today’s best gaming desk deals 

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